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How People Got Fire

The video explores the connection between Grandma Kay and the village children. In Grandma Kay's kitchen, she tells the traditional narrative of how Crow brought fire to the people. The children learn about the past and its relationship to the present day.

Going Wild!: Natural Law for Kids

In Going Wild!, three youth spend the weekend with a Cree Elder and a police officer for a lesson about teamwork, responsibility and respect. The three youth do not trust each other and will not work together to build a lean-to. Rooted in the teachings of Cree Natural Law, Going Wild! seeks to br...

Understanding Ratio and Proportion

This video assists students to develop their proportional reasoning skills. Ideas that are introduced in the program include: 1. concept of ratios and proportions, 2. correct way to express and write rations and proportions, 3. ratios and proportions in their simplest form and 4. comparing ratios...

Dances of the First People

A ballet dancer and a ballroom dancer pair up with two powwow dancers at the Kamloops Powwow. Through the visitors' experiences, viewers learn about the steps, songs and regalia, as well as the family atmosphere and friendliness of the First Nations peoples.

Teaching for Numeracy

This video shows educators how to encourage students to learn and develop their numeracy skills. The activities are designed with a clear purpose, helping students to explore and think for themselves, show strategies and gain understanding. Opportunities are presented for students to share their ...


What Causes an Eating Disorder?

This video explores the individual, family and cultural factors that have been linked to eating disorders. Students will come to understand that eating disorders can be triggered by major life crises such as the death of a loved person, family changes, school problems or personal failures. Viewer...

Flexibility for Sports Performance. Extras

This short video includes two video clips, called Sports Specific Flexibility Warm-Ups and Four Principles of Stretching.


Flexibility for Sports Performance

This video is based on the Stretch to Win system, made famous by Ann Frederick and Chris Frederick, who have worked with such elite athletes as the Philadelphia Eagles' Donovan McNabb, as well as numerous Olympians, and pro players in the NFL, MLB and NHL.


Sports Injury Prevention and Assessment

This video provides a comprehensive guide to the issue of sports injury: its prevention where possible and successful treatment when prevention fails. It covers the following areas: prevention of injury, including warm-ups, protective equipment, diet and appropriate training regimes, immediate as...


Similarity, Ratio and Proportion

Series: Mathemania 3
Using examples from the natural world, students learn about similarity, ratio and proportion. Students will learn to survey to find the width of a river and use a mirror to find the height of a tall object.

Naming and Measuring Angles

Series: Mathemania 3
Key concepts of angles are introduced such as defining and writing information about an angle, mathematical notation for rays, line segments and lines. Other topics introduced include obtuse angles, acute angles and congruent angles.

Geometric Transformations

Series: Mathemania 3
The narrator in the video uses everyday situations to explain translations, rotations, reflections and dilations.

Geometric Constructions

Series: Mathemania 3
A teen girl creates a mobile to hang above a baby's crib by using the following: bisecting an angle, perpendicular bisector of a line, construct a triangle, determine the centre of gravity, determine the inscribed circle of a triangle and determine the circumcircle of a triangle.

Ojibwe Stories

This video introduces Ojibwe stories. Each story relates the history and culture of the Ojibwe people. The stories are told by First Nation narrators. The stories are illustrated through re-enactment footage, wildlife, and still drawings. The stories can be used as stand-alones or combined to pro...

Nutrition. Myths and Facts

Today's teens are bombarded with confusing messages about nutrition. This program debunks the top 10 nutrition myths and offers solid facts. By using a mix of real interviews with adolescents, humorous fake commercials and interviews with registered dietitians in an actual food lab, teens learn h...

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