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Am I Ready? Making Healthy Sexual Decisions

In this true-to-life video, real teenagers and health experts talk frankly about the importance of healthy decision-making when it comes to sexual health. The video addresses the many factors that contribute to a young person's decision to become sexually active or not, beginning with a discussio...


On the Turn

Based on a graphic novel, this video centres on Brianna who becomes addicted to gambling after she succumbs to peer pressure at her new school. Brianna begins to steal from her family so that she can participate in poker games with her friends. Finally, after losing the money that her little sist...


Hidden Plague: Our Modern Epidemic

Filmed in Regina and Saskatoon, this 44-minute documentary features interviews with two doctors who work with AIDS patients, members of community groups that support First Nations people living with HIV/AIDS, Elders, frontline HIV/AIDS workers and people living with HIV/AIDS. This resource is pri...


Taking the Violence Out of Hockey

In early March, National Hockey League managers meet to discuss how to cut down on violent behaviour that can seriously injure players. But violence in hockey is not just an NHL problem. It is a problem in smaller leagues all over Canada.


Young Adults and Heart Disease

In late January a new report warns that Canada could be facing an epidemic of heart disease. It said because so many Canadians are not eating or exercising properly even young adults are now at risk.


Think Before You Click: Playing It Safe Online

While the Internet is a place of promise and progress, it is also a place of peril for young teens. Chat rooms, email, sites such as MySpace, and instant messaging allow teens to keep in touch with friends, but also offer the potential for youngsters to be abused in ways they have not considered....


Walking Alone. An Interview with Gerald Auger

This short video features an interview with Gerald Auger discussing his film called Walking Alone.


Brain Gains: Better Grades Through Fitness

Series: The National
The National visits an inner city high school in Saskatoon, SK, where teacher Allison Cameron tests the theory that vigorous daily exercise improves academic performance. City Park Collegiate is considered a high school of last resort for kids who haven't been able to make it anywhere else. The G...


Ted's Story: Honouring Melissa

'Ted's Story: Honouring Melissa' is a documentary that tells the story of Ted Gross' drunk driving conviction that took Melissa Hoeving's young life and the aftermath that followed. The documentary presents a balanced view of a tragedy that made headlines across Saskatchewan, taking viewers beyon...

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