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Martha of the North
The Canadian government devised a plan to relocate families to ensure Canadian sovereignty of the Arctic. The families were told game was plentiful, communities would be in one place and they could leave after two years. When Martha was five years old, her family was enticed to leave their Inuit ...
Social Development Moving Forward - Establishing and Realizing
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This program examines what it means to be a First Nations person in the 21st century. Dene, Cree, Blackfoot and Métis communities explore how First Nations values are transferable to life today. Culture, language and storytelling are crucial to positive identity formation for people of all ages.
Social Development Moving Forward - Establishing and Realizing W12 W8
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Turning 32
In 1992, a TV series titled Turning 16 filmed six teens from around the world. Sixteen years later, the filmmakers search for the young men and women to see who they have become and what has happened to their dreams. Rosie, Puttinam, Pintinho, Idrissa and Sonam talk about their lives from when th...
Moving Forward - Establishing and Realizing
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Life, Work and Smartphones
A new generation of cellphones is changing the way people live and work. This video explores why smartphones are so popular and examine some of the drawbacks and the dangers.
Moving Forward - Establishing and Realizing
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How Facebook Changed the World
Beginning as a college dorm project, Facebook is now an international giant. It has more than half a billion users, and Canadians are among its biggest fans. This video examines the rise of the social media giant and at the many ways it is changing the world.
Moving Forward - Establishing and Realizing
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Mighty Jerome
Filmed in black-and-white, this video program is about Harry Jerome. Harry was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in 1940. In 1951, his family moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. Harry started to focus on track and field events in 1959. Harry's speed provided him with opportunities on the trac...
The Challenges of Life Equity and Ethics Moving Forward - Establishing and Realizing Canadian Perspectives: Distinct and Rich
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Four Feet Up
This program follows the lives of 8-year-old Isaiah and his family for one year. His parents struggle to overcome addictions, abuse and dysfunction in the home as they seek to provide the basic necessities and opportunities for Isaiah and his siblings. Isaiah knows he is less fortunate, but does ...
Starting Out - Beginning and Becoming How Do We Make Sense of Our World?
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Blind Spot: What Happened to Canada's Aboriginal Fathers?
This video program explores the issue of First Nations children who grow up without their fathers - the "blind spot." Two central themes in the program can lead to classroom discussion. First, the decimation of the buffalo stripped males of their role as providers and protectors. Moving First Nat...
Community and Kinship Social Development The Challenges of Life Moving Forward - Establishing and Realizing Canadian Landscapes: Diverse and Dynamic
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Modern Indigenous Aboriginal Native-Indian Type Dude. Jordan Wheeler
Part of the Storytellers in Motion series, this video looks at Jordan Wheeler. Wheeler began is career in print journalism at age 17. With over 25 years of experience as a professional writer, he describes the different forms of writing and methods of research he employs. Viewers are taken on a b...
Visual Art Strand
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Mr. Tapwe. Doug Cuthand
Part of the Storytellers in Motion series, this video looks at Doug Cuthand. Cuthand is an award winning producer, writer, director and journalist. Through the use of motion pictures, Cuthand provides opportunities for Indigenous people to tell their stories in their way, that reflects their cult...
Visual Art Strand